The digital deposit lock

Future technology in stationary retail


How it works

Smart technology meets modern haptic

Customers can open the smart lock via a mobile phone app. Existing shopping carts can be retrofitted without replacing the handle unit.

Efficient power management offers a battery life of up to 5 years.

App integration

Access via the market app possible

A higher conversion rate is achieved when integrated into the market’s own app. The API can be linked to existing data or use existing data.

Download the app:



Zone tracking in the market

Upon the customer’s request, it is possible to activate the lock’s BLE function to track the path of the shopping cart. This takes place in an absolutely anonymous way.

2 options

The standalone E-Lock by JustTec

Besides the integrated deposit lock, there is also a standalone version that can be installed easily on any shopping cart with round handles.


For retrofitting

The digital deposit lock for Promobox Plus & Evogrip

Perfectly adapted for the shopping carts of the Wanzl company in Leipheim, JustTec also offers an integrated deposit lock.

Retrofitting of the handle units from the integrated coin deposit system to the digital lock unit is possible at any time.


Safe return control

Via externally mounted routers, the lock can detect when it leaves the premises and sends a message to the store manager.

Returning the cart can be done without the app and is trouble-free for the customer.


Credit systems

Loyalty program possible

Automatic crediting of bonus points or change is possible after the return.

Even pay-per-use models are supported!

Customer Advantage

Simple to use

The unique combination of BLE 5.0 and NFC technologies integrated into the lock has enabled us to make the user experience as intuitive as necessary for each customer and to make the unlocking process easy to understand for users of all ages.

Simply place the smartphone on the marked area, and the key is automatically ejected. The customer can remove the cart as usual, and the shopping experience can begin.

Market advantage

Tracking of shopping carts made possible

The store manager can see the cart and status on a digital platform via the built-in BLE connection technology.

Therefore he knows immediately how many shopping carts are in the store at the various locations and can thus actively position his employees in specific areas so that he can always assign customers a contact person near them.

This has a positive effect on the customer’s shopping experience.

About the manufacturer

JustTec & Wanzl

To ensure continuous development and worldwide distribution for the newly developed deposit lock, a cooperation agreement between JustTec and the world market leader for the production of shopping carts, the WANZL company from Leipheim, was concluded within the framework of the Euroshop in Düsseldorf in February 2020.

A strong partnership that aims to firmly establish the use of the digital deposit lock in the stationary retail sector in the coming years.


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